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  • Sam Schofield

Attracting talent with top tier copy

A business is built and grown by its people. Attracting the best talent to your business is key to its success. However, nothing turns high-quality candidates away quicker than a badly written job advert, spec, social posts, and whatever else you are publishing for the role you wish to fill.

Put yourself in the shoes of a fast-rising star, a few years out of university but being carried through the ranks by their enthusiasm, hard work ethic, and talent. They're happy enough where they are but career progression opportunities seem to be drying up, so they're scanning around the LinkedIn jobs section to see what's available. They come across your advert and it goes something like this...

"Our organisation is hiring for a mid-level manager. We need minimum 3 years' experience in a similar role, a degree or equal qualification in a related field... etc... etc..."

We've all read job adverts that start in a similar way. Some like to throw in a "join our exciting, fast-growing business" and a "fast-paced workplace" to add dynamism to the description but everyone knows "fast" means the candidate is going to have a workload enough for two people and they're expected to complete it in half the time.

When we look at senior level roles, the job copy becomes arguably even more important. Issuing a job advert on a website such as Indeed is less common when it comes to Director and CEO level positions, especially in larger organisations. Headhunting becomes more of the norm but, even in this situation, high-quality copy will make or break a pitch to your preferred candidate / list of candidates. Poor writing will deter top talent from applying.

Employing the services of a professional copywriter, such as Schofield Communications, to craft your job advertisement has many benefits. They include:

1. Crafting a Compelling Narrative:

Professional copywriters excel at telling stories and crafting compelling narratives. When it comes to job advertisements, it's essential to go beyond simply listing responsibilities and qualifications. A skilled copywriter can transform a bland job description into an engaging narrative that highlights the organisation's values, vision, and culture. By capturing the essence of the role and the company, a professional copywriter can attract candidates who resonate with the overall story being presented.

2. Clarity and Conciseness:

Poorly written job ads often suffer from vague language, jargon, and excessive information. Such adverts can confuse potential candidates and leave them uncertain about the role and its expectations. Professional copywriters have a knack for distilling complex information into clear, concise language. By using their expertise, they ensure job ads communicate the required skills, experience, and expectations effectively. Clear and concise writing establishes credibility and demonstrates professionalism, encouraging qualified candidates to apply.

3. Tailoring the Tone and Style:

Different organisations, places of work, positions and responsibilities all require unique approaches in writing style and tone. A professional copywriter understands how to adapt the language and tone to appeal to the target audience (your preferred candidates). When it comes to higher-level positions, the tone needs to convey authority, leadership, and professionalism, for example. By employing the right tone and style, a copywriter can enhance the brand image and attract candidates who align with its values and culture.

4. Showcasing Company Culture:

Top-tier candidates are not just looking for a job; they are seeking an organisation where they can thrive and contribute meaningfully. A job advert that reflects the company's culture and values can be a significant differentiator. A professional copywriter can infuse the ad with this unique character, highlighting the mission, vision, and core values. This will attract candidates who share the same values, increasing the likelihood of finding the right fit for the position.

5. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Poor Writing:

Candidates often view a poorly written job advert as a reflection of the organisation's professionalism and attention to detail. Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or confusing language can raise doubts about the company's credibility and the seriousness of the role. Skilled copywriters meticulously proofread and edit their work, ensuring the job ad is error-free and leaves a positive impression on potential candidates.

In the highly competitive landscape of recruiting top talent, the quality of a job advertisement plays a pivotal role. Schofield Communications can help your organisation leverage the power of storytelling, clarity, bespoke style and tone, to attract the best candidates.

It is essential to your organisation's success to invest in job advertisements so they stand out and capture the attention of the right individuals. Choosing the quick and easy path of copying someone's else's advert or using a standard template will yield the same results as before. If you're here, reading this blog, we can assume you're keen to take your job adverts to the next level. If so, get in touch with Schofield Communications today via the details below.



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