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  • Sam Schofield

A ghost writer is not just for Halloween

Updated: May 20

A ghost writer is not as spooky as it sounds. Halloween might be here but ghost writers work all year round. They are the experts behind the face of articles, editorials, blogs, books and more. You will never see their byline grace the article they've spent their time honing, using years of experience to craft a brief into compelling copy on behalf of someone else. But you can be sure that a lot of prose written by celebrities, CEOs, MDs, and MPs, among other acronyms, has been produced by someone else.

ghost writer

During my career as a copywriter and PR consultant, I have produced speeches, editorials, advertorials, blogs, quotes, and more on behalf of clients. Generally speaking (but not always), the client has an idea for a written article, comes up with an outline, maybe even some bullet points, and then employs the services of a ghost writer to produce a polished draft. This may or may not go back and forth, with feedback and amendments being incorporated, before a final version is agreed.

Ghost writing is usually a collaborative process that ensures the client's ideas are conveyed effectively to the desired audience. By using the services of a professional writer, the client can be sure whatever it is they need producing (a newspaper article or a pull out quote for a marketing document) is written to the highest standards. This avoids the obvious embarrassment of spelling and grammatical errors but also ensures their message comes across effectively.

So if you've been asked to produce an editorial on a topic you're passionate about but want to ensure it's professionally written, find yourself a great ghost writer. Drop us an email or a quick call if you'd like to discuss our ghost writing services. Details below.



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