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Social Media Management

Height Safety Equipment

Height Safety Equipment (HSE) was set-up as an online shop selling industry leading, specialist gear for work at height. With no physical presence, HSE is entirely reliant on sales through its website, therefore social media was a natural cornerstone for driving traffic and new business.

Social media accounts had been set-up for HSE prior to Schofield Communications taking over management. However, posts were sporadic, engagement was almost non-existent and audiences were small. The company was missing an opportunity to raise awareness, drive traffic and increase sales.


As a start-up with limited marketing budget, it became clear the most cost-effective and timely solution was to boost content production for HSE’s social channels, which included Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Schofield Communications started work in October 2014 – aiming to:

  • Increase the number of posts published on HSE’s social networks

  • Tailor the posts to each of HSE’s social media audiences

  • Plan and pre-schedule posts to publish at strategic times

  • Monitor engagement and participate in social media conversations.

This simple solution proved highly effective, increasing audiences and engagement across channels – and all without advertising. Importantly, those following and engaging with HSE’s social channels were from relevant sectors, ensuring potential new customers were being introduced to the company and interacting with their content.

Dave Uttley, Managing Director of HSE, said: “I was impressed with Sam's dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism while working with us on this project.


“The growth of our social media streams has been clear since commencement. Developing our social media presence organically, rather than throwing money at the issue, has resulted in us having a dedicated audience online, who regularly interact and contribute to our various channels.”

Key achievements in 12 months:



  • HSE Twitter following increased 508%

  • Tweet impressions increased 513%

  • Twitter profile visits increased 135%

  • Twitter engagement increased 2,233%



  • HSE business page Likes increased 59%

  • Post reach increased 3,940%

  • Page visits increased by 101%



  • HSE business page Likes increased 171%

  • Post reach increased 1,056% (6 months)

  • Post engagement increase 207% (6 months)

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